Leaders who prioritise effective communication see a positive effect on organisational performance.

(This isn't just lip service - read the research here.)

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It's not rocket science. It's behavioural science.

We know what makes people tick... and what ticks them off!

Most brands struggle to know what to say when it comes to marketing and communication.

COPY CRED helps impact-driven professional and financial services, allied health, and trade brands raise the bar in their communication with employees, prospects, and clients to increase awareness and engagement, build reputation, and retain great people. 


Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!


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Delivering Results. Achieving Impact.

See why Australian brands choose COPY CRED to drive their narrative and dialogue. We support clients with strategies, tone of voice guides, website copy, capability statements, award and grant submissions, newsletters, annual reports, and plenty more.

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Legal Practice Manager, Jodie, wanted to put her best foot forward for the 2022 ALPMA awards. She had done all the work, she just needed to communicate it confidently. We interviewed her and wrote the submission. The result? Category winner!


Incredibly, Rock Up Group built a successful business with only an Instagram page and word of mouth. When they knew a website was in order, they engaged COPY CRED to write the copy. The Business Development Manager’s response? “Absolutely nailed it”.


Woolworths Team Bank was heading into its 50th year anniversary and was keen to reinvigorate their brand and marketing activities. COPY CRED produced a Communications Strategy and 12-month marketing plan for them. The outcome? They met their goals and KPIs and continue to grow!

“Jackie is fantastic. She knows her stuff and her passion is evident through her work. Thank you Jackie for making me stand out from my competitors.”

- Daniel Kwiatowski, Real Estate Agent

At COPY CRED, we don't believe in smoke and mirrors or making a song and dance to get you noticed.

Your great work and exceptional team are all that we need. Through strategic, creative, and persuasive copywriting, we help you win the hearts and minds of the people you care about.

Everything we do puts your brand’s credibility front and centre.

When we ask our clients why they’ve come to us, these are the top three reasons they share. Sound familiar?

“We’ve evolved a great deal since we first wrote our content. Now there’s a disconnect between what we’re doing operationally and what we’re saying in our marketing - we need them to align.”

We're trying to get more engagement from our team, but no one seems to read anything we send them! How can we foster a positive and productive team culture?"

“We’ve been unsuccessful applying for grants, tenders, and awards but we know we’re great at what we do. We want a professional copywriter who can help communicate this and help us win new business.”

Our Process

To be able to effectively communicate who you are and what you do, we need to get to know you! With a background in public relations, we have an insatiable appetite to uncover the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ businesses operate. 

We ask quality questions to get quality answers in an effort to uncover the hidden content gems within every organisation.

When we partner with you we...

  • Learn everything we can about you
  • Understand everything we can about your customer
  • Discover your vision, purpose and motivations
  • Establish your goals and KPIs
  • Shape your narrative
  • Identify your key messages and write them in a way that will resonate with your target market
  • Personify your brand - businesses aren’t a logo, they’re the people who bring it to life
  • Demonstrate your expertise, experience and results through carefully crafted copy

Take your marketing to the next level with 130+ business awards!

Never miss a business award opportunity again! We've compiled the top 130+ Australian Business Awards so you can plan what you'll enter long before the entries open (and give you a competitive advantage with more time to prepare!).

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