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Writing is both an art and a science. The technical foundations underpin quality writing, while the choice of language, tone, and sentence lengths create the artistry. When you need to create a connection with your audience, you need to master both of these elements, and that's what we help you do with our writing coaching service.

When it comes to business writing, your content should inform, inspire, and influence your prospect so that they think, behave or feel in a way that aligns with your objective. There are lots of ways to bring this to life in copywriting, and our coaching plans show you how.

COPY CRED's business writing coaching can help C-Suite, managers, administration teams, social media and marketing coordinators, HR personnel and anyone else that sends written communication in your business to strengthen the outcomes of their writing.

Our coaching consists of:

- A writing audit of your existing content

- 4-part coaching series that includes:

  • Session 1. Discussion of your goals, target market, and desired calls to action so we can tailor your writing accordingly + feedback on writing pieces
  • Session 2. Writing starts with planning - how to plan your communication piece so the words effortlessly fall into place
  • Session 3. The 7 copywriting rules and tips to improve your writing and influence your reader
  • Session 4. First impressions count - common writing mistakes and how to self-edit and proofread for a polished final draft

- Two-week access for sharing up to three pieces of content for review and feedback

- Writing plan template

- PDF of the 7 copywriting rules

- PDF of the common writing mistakes

business writing course

Ask about our individual and team coaching packages to help improve the professionalism and persuasiveness of writing in your business.

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