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I would highly recommend engaging Jackie. I did so which resulted in me receiving the recognition for contribution in my field. Without Jackie’s assistance, the team, who nominated me, wouldn’t have been able to make the nomination in time or word it as Jackie did. They had the data to support the nomination but neither the time nor the skills to do it themselves. I can't thank her enough for assisting me/my firm with the nomination. We are now looking at other awards now that we have Jackie in our corner. Thanks heaps!"

- Jodie, Taurus Legal Management


Awards are a sure-fire way for you to build and establish your reputation and raise your profile through industry recognition. With hundreds of award events taking place in your city, state and right across the country, there is always an opportunity for you to showcase your success.


Are struggling to find the time to submit your award entries? Are you submtting your entries with no acknowledgement or success? Talk to our Award Writing Team today. Let your award submission come to life through words that resonate with the judging panel and demonstrate your deservedness of the award.

We are proud to have helped so many of our clients get recognised as a finalist or winner in their categories. We have watched them go on and earn media coverage, speaking events, develop new business opportunities and more.

Trawling the internet through dozens of websites from chambers of commerce, industry bodies, government agencies, non-profit organizations takes and time and dedication. To be effective as part of your brand strategy you need to prioritise award submissions and have a keen eye to collate all the necessary information for yout awar submissions calendar.

Our team deep dive into all the award opportunities for your brand, and prepare a detailed matrix with criteria, deadlines, costs and more. This is handy for firms that want to keep their award submissions in-house, but are always hurrying at the last minute to prepare them. This gives you a year-round calendar so you can get started early this year!


Never miss an award opportunity again with our Australian Business Awards Hub.

We love seeing what award recognition can do for businesses and individuals! From media exposure to speaking at events and wining new business, awards open doors for incredible growth opportunities. Head on over to our free Facebook Group and stay up to date with award opening and closing dates across a range of sectors and disciplines.

Don’t quite know what to say or how to promote the good work you’ve done? Get in touch with COPY CRED to discuss our professional award writing services.

If you write your own submissions, it’s a good idea to have an objective party review for missed facts and anecdotes, clarity and opportunities to tug at the heartstrings or demonstrate proof. We can offer a proofreading and editing service for these reasons.

We write to WIN

We obviously can’t guarantee you will win or even be short listed when you work with us as your award writers. Award recognition comes down to the competition, your commercial capabilities to deliver, and what the judging panel is looking for. We can guarantee we’ll help give you the best shot at the prize. We have steered plenty of clients to finalist and winner status with our persuasive award writing skills, and would love to help shine a spotlight on the work you've done also.

We TALK you up!

One of the greatest difficulties with writing your own award submission is saying how great you are! We hear this all time from our clients. As a third party, our team can expertly craft copy that speaks to your strengths, experiences, capabilities and unique selling proposition to confidently express your output, outcomes, and impact.

We offer the right SKILLS

Successful award entries require a keen eye for detail, due diligence, great copywriting, editing and proofreading, strong project management skills and a calm temperament…. Not everyone has all this rolled into one! Our award writers live for this pressure, so let's take some of it off your shoulders and rest it on ours.

We're fast and EFFICIENT

With multiple writers, we can work simultaneously on different award sections to speed up the writing process and allow more time for reviewing and fine tuning.