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We work with small and medium service based businesses in a range of ways. From ad hoc communication support and coaching to full scale marketing communication strategy planning and project work. We also offer ongoing retainer models, we offer flexible arrangements with no lock-in contracts. We want our clients to work with us because they want to, not because they have to!


Award submissions

Awards are a sure-fire way for you to build and establish your reputation, and raise your profile through industry recognition. With hundreds of award events taking place in your city, state and right across the country, there is always an opportunity for you to showcase your success.

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Get people clicking more and booking more with website messaging that incites a sense of confidence, hope, and excitement now that they’ve found the business to solve their problem!

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Capability Statements

If you are service-based business or a wholesaler, or you work largely with business, government, or investors, then Capability Statements are a great way to quickly establish new relationships and expedite the decision making process. Capability Statements are a great marketing and business development asset to have on hand.

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Tender and Grant submissions

Tenders and Grants can catapult businesses to the next level with lucrative financial rewards on offer! The catch? You’ve got to be able to communicate exactly what you do, what you’ve achieved, and how you can help in a limited number of words and to stringent criteria and make those words stand out against the competition. Start winning tenders and growing your business with professional tender writing and submissions.

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Annual Reports

Annual Reports shouldn’t just be one of those things you do every year to tick a box and let it gather dust on the shelf. If you’ve got to do one, you may as well leverage it and make it work harder for your organisation! Our Annual Report writing service starts with the strategic outlook, continues with managing all internal stakeholders in the copywriting and image compilation process, and ends with a full proofread before going to print.

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Communication Strategy Planning

It’s one thing to know where you want to end up, but it’s another to know what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to, where you need to say it, and how to say it, so that you can achieve your goals and objectives. Enter: the communication strategy.

Tone of Voice Guides

Don’t need a full communication strategy, but still want to make sure that what your team is saying reflects your brand’s personality and demeanour? A Tone of Voice guide gives clear instruction on how to communicate on behalf of your business, so there’s consistency and uniformity across multiple stakeholders and channels.

PR strategy and execution

With over a decade managing the public relations accounts for some of Australia’s largest brands, we know how to get cut through with the media. We’d love to help you leverage your award win, innovation or expansion to enhance your credibility in the market.

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