3 free PR channels you can set up today

Free PR is actually not as difficult as it sounds! While many PR agencies charge big bucks to deliver strategic and creative campaigns that get their clients noticed, there are definitely ways to get started on your own with no money at all.

3 free PR tactics you can start today

1) Talk to the media! Sign up to Sourcebottle for free, and you’ll get a daily email from journalists who need spokespeople for their stories. They might be writing a tax tips story and need an accountant to give tips, or they might be looking for anyone working in the health and fitness industry to comment on the best ways to stay fit without stepping foot in a gym. If there’s something you can confidently comment on, you simply fill in your details and if it’s what the journalist is looking for, they will be in touch!

2) Engage on social media – signing up for a new account is free and takes just minutes. Write a few posts then build your fans by inviting them to like your business page. Voila, an audience to start connecting with!

3) Send a newsletter / EDM – they always say in business it’s easier to keep your current customers than to attract new ones- so it’s time to write to them! Show them how valued they are by offering solid advice or exclusive shopping discounts. Keep them remembering you exist and loving you!

All businesses, no matter what size or industry you’re in, can benefit from implementing PR practices into your overall strategy. These free PR tips are a good place to start if it’s all new to you.

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