Tenders and Grants can catapult businesses to the next level with lucrative financial rewards on offer! The catch? You’ve got to be able to communicate exactly what you do, what you’ve achieved, and how you can help in a limited number of words and to stringent criteria.

As experienced, professional tender writers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (servicing all of Australia), we can help ensure you tick all the boxes, dot all the is, and cross all the ts so that your tender or grant submission not only shines, but SHOUTS your capability and capacity to deliver!

Got a tender or grant opportunity that you are keen to win? Put your best foot forward with COPY CRED. Call us on 0754960428 or email COPY CRED’s Director at for more information.


We love seeing what award recognition can do for businesses and individuals!

From media exposure to speaking at events and wining new business, awards open doors for incredible growth opportunities.

Never miss an award opportunity again with our Australian Business Awards Hub. Head on over to our free Facebook Group and stay up to date with award opening and closing dates across a range of sectors and disciplines.

Don’t quite know what to say or how to promote the good work you’ve done? Call us on 0754960428 or email COPY CRED’s Director at to discuss our professional award writing services.


Most businesses follow annual, quarterly and monthly financial forecasts, and some have a marketing plan with media buying and digital campaign projections, but every decision you make and marketing activity you undertake needs to align with your organisation’s overarching goals and objectives to achieve a successful outcome.

Communication strategies take planning to the next level, by taking the crux of your business plan and marketing plan, and defining the way you achieve these goals through the communication you have with your staff, members, volunteers, customers, suppliers, government and media to name just a few stakeholders.

It’s one thing to know where you want to end up, but it’s another to know what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to, where you need to say it, and how to say it, so that you can achieve your goals and objectives.

Email COPY CRED’s Director at for more information.


Whether you provide services to businesses or supply goods to individuals, having a Capability Statement can be a great marketing and business development asset to have on hand.

A Capability Statement succinctly tells a prospective buyer your capabilities as a business, and showcases your experience to demonstrate that you actually ‘walk the walk.’ Complete with your company’s history, vision, management structure, and credentials, your Capability Statement is effectively a condensed version of your website, or a more robust version of a LinkedIn profile.

If you are service-based or a wholesaler, or you work largely with business, government, or investors, then Capability Statements are a great idea. They can help to quickly establish new relationships and expedite the decision making process.

Don’t have a Capability Statement in your organisation? Email COPY CRED’s Director at for more information.

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