For copy that commands attention, compels a response and converts into action, speak to the COPY CRED team today. We work in any capacity that works for you – once off project, hourly rate or retainer options (this gives you the greatest value and flexibility).

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Get people clicking more, booking more and buying more on your website! A professional web copywriting service will help strategize your goals and target audience, create easy navigation for your prospective market, and assist your web developer with proposed layout and SEO instructions. We write full websites, tweak Home or About pages, draft team biographies, explain services, create product descriptions, and develop micro copy (for example, the small 1-3 word text you might find on a “Watch Now” button).

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Product Descriptions

Want more clicks on your “Add to Cart” button? Your product descriptions need to STAND OUT! Remember, customers can’t touch, hear, or smell the product, so your words and images really need to step up and speak out.

Our team won’t just prattle off features and benefits. We speak to its purpose and construction, and we show the person how they can integrate it into their life.

We have written hundreds of product descriptions from skincare to fashion and furniture. Whether its short blubs or full pages, call us on 0754960428 or email COPY CRED’s Director at for more information.


If you’re not blogging, you’re losing clients or customers!

Just take a look at the alarming statistics that come with commercial blogging.

Blogs aren’t just for food or lifestyle brands. In fact, the more complex the service or product, the more you should be blogging! For small or big businesses, our blog writers in Brisbane bring decades of experience in PR, journalism and digital marketing to create SEO-friendly blog posts on topics that will appeal to your target market.

Blog and enjoy increased traffic to your website, a boost in loyalty and ultimately, more leads and sales (content marketing increases the quantity and quality of marketing leads by 74%! []).

LinkedIn Profiles

Stand out in your industry and participate in the broader business ecosystem on LinkedIn. Increase your network and establish mutually beneficial stakeholder opportunities through an expertly crafted biography and company page. We can create profiles for one person, the senior team, or all staff for a consistent brand message

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Feel like you’re sending emails out but no one is reading them? Don’t give up!

Your database is one of the few assets you own in marketing - unlike social media channels – so ramp up your layout and design, segment the market so everyone gets emails only relevant to them, and bolster your copywriting to inform and persuade.

Email Nurture Sequences

Automation is powerful, especially in the early stage of onboarding new clients and customers into the business.

A well structured email sequence that educates, entertains and sells only at the right time, can build trust and credibility quickly to ensure you retain customers and clients for many years.

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Customer Correspondence

Our Customer Correspondence service has grown significantly over the past 12 months with organisations seeking templated responses to cut down administration time, and individual correspondence where sensitive or legal implications apply.

Ready to free up your administration resources for more productive work? Ask about our Customer Correspondence service!